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Outreach Support INC was born from the need to fill a void in neighborhoods around Detroit. We seek to make a difference in our children by encouraging them to be successful in all aspects of their lives. 

Volunteer hours served.

lbs of food distributed.


All profits towards children relief funds.

Our Mission

We help children by looking at more than a single problem. We treat the whole child. Our mission is to achieve 100% of our set goals for each fundraiser and collection event.
Our founder grew up watching a strong black woman (her grandmother) care for the community with her limited means, and so the unifying factor with her and many of our team members is the eagerness to not only follow the bright examples of such people in their lives but to take it steps further.
We are happy when our children and families are.

Healing Hearts

Bringing a smile to a parent’s face, is bound to bring light to a child’s heart. We strive to lighten parents’ daily load, in the hopes that with less to do, they can focus better on their children.

Mending Minds

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Our drives provide children with the necessary materials to bridge the gap in school and in their daily lives.

Daily Meals
Makes an Impact

Hunger and health are deeply connected. Constantly worrying about where your next meal will come from can cause mental health problems. By providing families in need with daily meals, we strive to improve not only the body but the mind.

Make A Real Change In A Child’s Life

Contribute in ways that matter and affect every day lives. 

How We Help

Food donation

We collect and donate food baskets to our registered families and to local food banks. 

chrome books

A requirement for children in today’s world. Our goal is to provide as many as possible to the local communities and schools 

hygiene kits

These hygiene kits offer that first line of defense against the spread of illness, a first step toward good health and they provide tangible hope for those in need.

birthday & Celebration

Happy Birthdays and smiley faces are our goals. To create great memories and an all around happy child, we help families celebrate birthdays and accomplishments. 


Keep visiting our site for a list of all our events. 

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